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How To Make Use Of The Unconcious Or Subconcious Mind

The subconscious mind is an important part of our system and an enormous amount of research is being done on it. This study is especially important as it is now established that the subconscious mind plays as important, if not a more important part, as the conscious mind. It is estimated that the amount that can be stored in the subconscious mind is very many times more than in the conscious mind. In fact, in popular parlance, the conscious mind compared to the subconscious is often likened to the iceberg —the part of the iceberg not in the sea representing the conscious mind and the hidden part standing for the subconscious mind.

The Early Years Vitally Important

Many psychiatrists believe that the impressions formed and stored in the subconscious mind during one's early years — from birth to about five years — determine the actions of a person for the rest of his life. During these early years, the mind is not only like a computer storing everything it hears, but also like a video tape-recorder, recording everything visual. These early stored impressions play a big part in the actions of a person in his later life. It is for this reason that parents should pay special attention to their children's upbringing during the vitally important early years of their life. Another body of psychiatrists, however, maintains that it is not only one's early years that are important in the development of one's personality but all the subsequent years are also equally important.

What Psychoanalysts Do

If any abnormality appears in the thinking or the actions of a person, psychoanalysts usually try to probe into the life of a person so as to understand the reason for this abnormality. Some psychoanalysis like to concentrate on the very early life of the patient — up to the age of about five years. This helps to give them a clue to the abnormal behavior of a person.

The Conscious And Subconscious Mind

The conscious mind can take action; it can evoke memory when it wants to; it can think actively and towards a certain objective.
  • The subconscious mind is a very big store of signals, sounds, emotions and impressions; but even though it is not active like the conscious mind. The subconscious mind can play a large part in the actions, thinking and behavior of a person.
  • When one sleeps, the active mind also rests, but the subconscious mind is awake.
Analysis Of Dreams

Dreams are a direct reflection of what is happening in the subconscious mind and that is why so many psychoanalysts try to analyze dreams. It helps them to understand the reasons for the actions of people. Once the reasons are understood, it is then easier for them to take corrective action. A proper analysis of dreams may help to reveal a great deal about a person and pave the way for curative action.

Study Of The Subconscious Mind

Much of the work of psychoanalysts is concerned with the subconscious mind, because, by studying the subconscious mind they are able to get behind the reasons of their patients behavior. While the study of the subconscious mind is still a relatively new field of research, there are strong indications to suggest that in the future, a man's actions and behavior can be directed and improved by having a better knowledge of the subconscious.

Let Sleep Solve Your Problems

An experiment made on the possibility of putting the subconscious mind to work showed that if some difficult problem was studied before going to bed, this problem became much clearer in the morning by having the subconscious mind work on it.

Very often, if one has a decision to make, the decision-makers leave the problem for a while to their subconscious mind. After some time, maybe the next morning, the subconscious mind helps them to arrive at a fairly reasonable solution. But many psychoanalysts do not agree to this: they say that there is no proof as yet that the subconscious mind can solve problems. It may just be that the problem is solved through the brain being clearer and fresher in the morning.

How The Subconscious Mind Works

When a person has to get up very early in the morning, the waking time is kept in the subconscious mind, and, when the time comes the person wakes up exactly on the dot. The conscious mind is clearly asleep but the subconscious mind is on the job. But the exact relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind is still not clear and an enormous amount of work still remains to be done on this very important and interesting subject.

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