Thursday, April 9, 2009

World's Finest Chocolate:Prove your worth before you brag for supremacy

The thing, which actually discerns an Internet user, is the fact that each and every one of the companies and individual out there unilaterally make a decision that they are the best and promote themselves keeping that point in mind. For an instance, when are seeking for online services, you go for reading the services of the company along with its history, reputation and pricing. But, can you put your faith on the text, which you read on these sites, when you already know that it has been written by someone affiliating? Can you have a belief in the fact that online home schooling is actually the world’s leading school? Do you feel biting like hungry fishes when a research company declares that the school is the best of its kind? Again, whenever you come across the ‘world’s finest chocolates’, do you feel like saying, ‘Well, from now onwards, I am going to buy them only?’

Or Are you, as a careful consumer, looking forward to make further investigation, reading reviews and reports of past consumers and then make a decision on the world’s finest chocolates or the best schools in western hemisphere? Well, I suspect you to be a part of the latter bunch of people. So, You’d wish to add the reports of the company, which calls itself the World’s Finest Chocolates.

Like most of you, I, myself, am a chocolate fiend too. I do know some of the chemical causes and effects of chocolate (in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, chocolates act on your dopamine & serotonin levels and all that). I always live on chocolates as staple. I’ve sold chocolates for fundraisers in our school. I’ve even tried my hand at making triple-dipped and hand-rolled chocolates. So, I kind of have an idea of what works for me and also the ones around me.

Again, I worked for a company, which dealt in incentive sales during my ghastly grade school days. They supplied the incentive products and prizes for most fundraising product companies and local businesses. They also provided all newspaper supplies, which included the newspaper boxes, bags and rubber bands, to each paper across US. One of our fundraising product customers was the World’s Finest Chocolates.

While filing the order, I thought was it possible. Then I came across the CEO of West Coast. She was one of the prettiest, classiest and the most generous women that I had the pleasure of meeting. After every interaction, which she had with our company, she always left a sample in an amount that will suffice the entire bunch of people at our place. Those sample chocolates were coveted, salivated and much anticipated. No doubt, the chocolate lived up to its expectation. It was [one of the] world’s finest chocolate, which all of us ever came across.

And then too when we already had the popular See’s Candy in the west coast, makes them pretty tough to out-do.

So, now I must take back my complaint that all companies claiming themselves to be the best are full of it… I would reduce my allegation from every company to only those, who are yet to prove themselves. Another way of putting it is that when the company has been online only for couple of months and are referring themselves to be the best in a rare field, then they should think again. ‘The best’! You are yet to born. First, share the wares and then brag for the spot.